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Precision Plastic & Metal Machining
Precision Plastic Machining
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Precision Plastic Machining & Manufacturing

Finding a machine shop may be easy, however finding a machine shop that has the experience with plastics, laminates and metals that Tamshell does, is another story. Here at Tamshell we pride ourselves as being an industry leader when it comes to precision plastic machining. Serving industries such as, Aerospace, Medical, Semiconductor, Fluid Handling and many others. This allows Tamshell to stay ahead of the competition by providing competitive pricing and quality products. When selecting a machine shop, don’t just pick a shop that machines parts, pick someone that you can trust when it comes to Precision Machined components.

Staying ahead of the competition means keeping up with technology and the materials for each industry we serve. One step towards this goal is working with material manufactures such as DuPont, Quadrant, Ensinger, Westlake and many others to get leading edge material information first. Working with our customers from prototype stages through production runs allows Tamshell to work with your engineering team in order to get the right material selected for your application, saving you time and money. Tamshell utilizes the latest CNC equipment along with conventional machines to provide the parts you need, on time. We offer machining processes such as CNC Milling, CNC Turning and CNC Swiss Screw Machining, which allows Tamshell the capability to machine virtually any machined component you require. Whether it’s a new project, a redesign or an existing part that you can’t seem to get on time or to your quality standards, let Tamshell help you with any machining applications that you may have.

Precision Metal Machining & Manufacturing

Aside from precision plastic machining, Tamshell also offers metal machining services. Tamshell machines materials such as Aluminum, Brass and Bronze. The characteristics of these softer, more delicate metals use many of the same machining techniques required to machine the tight tolerance plastic components we have produced for over 30 years.

Tamshell's extensive manufacturing experience and long term business relationships with industry leading suppliers and surface treating companies; ensure that Tamshell will provide a complete service from start to finish.

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