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Material Data Sheet

Material: Tecapeek™ PVX


Tecapeek™ PVX is an ultra high performance bearing materials that incorporates the properties of a premium polymetric matrix material with optimum levels of specific wear enhancing additives. This formulation raises the continuous use temperature by approximately 40°F and increases the limiting PV while maintaining excellent chemical resistance. When used as a non-metallic bearing, Tecapeek™ PVX offers a superb range of tribiological performance. It is designed to run at high loads and speeds, in hostile environments, either dry or lubricated. Tecapeek™ PVX's exceptional properties make it an ideal material for bearing surfaces in the most demanding applications and in the harshest conditions.

Mechanical Properties Test Method ASTM Value Units

Density D792 0.0536 lbs/in3
Specific Gravity D792 1.48 g/cc
Water Absorption @ 24 hours, 73°F D570   %
Water Absorption @ Saturation, 73°F D570   %
Tensile Strength, 73°F D638 17,300 psi
Tensile Modulus D639   psi
Elongation ( at break), 73°F D638 2.5 %
Flexural Strength, 73°F D790 30,000 psi
Flexural Modulus, 73°F D790 1,400,000 psi
Compressive Strength 73°F D695 22,000 psi
Shear Strength, Ultimate, 73°F D3846   psi
Izod Impact Strength, 73°F D256 3 ft-lb/in of notch
Rockwell Hardness, 73°F D785   M or R Scale
Limiting PV @ 68°F 1200 in/min   515,000 (psi) (ft/min)
Coefficient of Friction, @ 68°F 1200 in/mm, 155 lbs load   0.19-0.21 in.3-min/ft.lbs.hr

Thermal Properties

Heat Deflection Temperature @ 264 psi, 1/4" D648 530 °F
Maximum Continuous Use Temperature   500 °F
Melting Point   633 °F
Coefficient of Linear Thermal Expansion D696
3.1 X 10-5 in/in./°F
Thermal Conductivity C177    
Flammability UL94

Electrical Properties

Volume Resistivity D149   ohm - cm
Surface Resistivity D257 105 x 108 ohm/square
Dielectric Strength D257   Volts/mil
*The values shown in these and the following charts are typical, average properties. Actual values may differ due to variations in resin formulations and processing methods. These values are obtained from sources believed to be reliable, including the resin manufactures, converters and other published sources. However, they should not be used for specification or design purposes.
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